Almost there…

Well the painting is now done! Thanks to all those how helped out with the painting, particularly Vern who has done an awesome job pretty much every day! Thanks to Annlies, Jason and Peter. Carpet went in today and luckily too as there isn’t much left around as stock, and over the next few weeks, all efforts will be put into making carpet for the flood victims! So my timing in the ordering and installation was perfect. The carpet colour mathes the paint colour well in each room and it is one hell of a luxury walking on it!


A couple more days and still going…

Well a couple more days have passed and wow the house is looking different! The family/lounge and kitchen are completely painted, just bedrooms and wet areas to go. Thanks to Pete how used his brute strength to manhandle the carpet out of the house and man there was enough dust to make my own compost. Late night last night, early night tonight. Looking forward to seeing Fezza tomorrow! Longtime between drinks and it will be great to show her the dream become reality after 10 years! Thanks again to Vern and Pete for their help and Julie today for helping with the boxes and windows. Still plenty to do and have until Thursday night to get all of the painting done, including trimmings…. Maybe another couple of late nights before work starts up again on Thursday….

And it begins…

Got possession of the house yesterday (YAY!) and stayed there the night to do some much needed – read freakin heaps – of cleaning. 2.5hrs for 1 toilet and 1 bathroom…. did the previous owners not know what cleaning meant? Ironically, the only thing clean in the house was …. wait for it …. the toilet brush – don’t think it was EVER used!

Anyway, beautifully peaceful night (no freight trains or trucks thank God!), walked the dam and fence line in the morning, and then the painting. A massive thanks goes to mum and dad for cleaning the kitchen, ensuite and windows and a huge thanks goes to Vern for the on-going help with the painting and everything else! I must say that this morning it did all seem too much and I was very much disheartend with it all, but after the help today, I feel like we are definately going to make it on time and hopefully to budget! Thanks again to everyone for their help and more importantly the positivity and excitement that came from everyone (even last nights visitors the Hexter family – it was great having you guys up to check it all out and Pete, I needed to show off my dam to you!)

Makeshift bee equipment.

Haven’t had a chance to buy my beekeeping gear, so got some flywire laying around, sewed it to a bucket hat and wore a wide brim under that, some garden gloves and a rain coat. Perfect. For the smoker, used an old dogfood tin and punched some holes in the bottom.

Will do for now but really need to get proper gear!

Bees are going well by the way, full of honey and will be bloody heavy to move!

Final Inspection.

Did the final inspection today. Wow it was quiet and peaceful there! I can’t wait to get into it and paint and carpet as well as get the fences ready for the sheep. 16 acres is a lot of land to manage with a young family and a full-time job to boot, but we will manage and we will love every second of the learning experience.

Amazing Dog!

What an amazing girl we have! Toilet trained in 2 days, “sit” and “stay” already but have had a hiccup with “come”, so will have to use the treats (have avoided using them so far, but will have to use them to be certain). Once the basic commands are well and truely understood, next comes the herding commands… Fun times ahead!

Packing and Preserves

The packing has begun! Went through the bookshelf today to find and return all the books we had borrowed from the library. Most likely our last trip there, at least for the near future. I must say that the people working at Melton library will sorely be missed, especially the boys favourite, Gemma 😦 When I was taking the boys regularly to the library, they would always ask if Gemma would be there, I then say she should be and they both cheer with excitement. Once there, you would think they would actually talk to Gemma, but alas no, other than hi, see you next time or have a good weekend….

So the packing begins, with Hayley and the boys boxing up the books we have inside.      Kobe-Li decided to help by turning the boxes into a train, while Lightning supervised… his sleep…..

Yesterday, Hayley, the boys and some friends came over to harvest the apricots. Unfortunately with all of the rain over the past 3 days, the apricots split. If it’s not the birds, it’s the weather. Oh well, still usable. Hayley has preserved them in the Fowler’s jars and is drying some as well. Only managed 3 1/2 laundry baskets full this year. I did prune very heavily last autumn, with the idea of getting a massive harvest in 2011/12 season, however we won’t be here. The new owners will have apricots coming out of their ears next year!