Beautiful land but a fizzer…

What a day! Crazy work day, running around like a mad man, then off for a second inpection. The place was beautiful, the land was stunning, and the dell was amazing. BUT the house was a shambles as it was the first time. Checked out the roof space and although structualy fine, there were signs of rodents and possums. NO INSULATION!!!! Crazy! Then did a full defects list of the place and there were quite a few. Basically the whole house needed work. There was evidence of re-wiring, but the job was somewhat dodgey. Plumbing was ok, but also needed work. Liveable? Yes. Comfortable? Maybe. Comfortable with two growing kids and a baby? No chance! Not to mention the crazy lady being in there and her crap everywhere, didn’t give us a chance to get a good feel for the place. There were some rooms we could not get into because of her junk and there was the lovely smell of cat piss and cat shit through the entire house…lovely really.

To make up for it, the land and location is excellent. So the decsion…. wait until crazy dog/cat lady leaves and the owner comes and gives it a really really good clean and tidy up. Then do another inspection of the vacant property and then decide. In the meantime, more painting, more cleaning and getting our place up for sale. It is officially on the market, but not yet advertised. Hopefully we will be ready very soon, well we have to be ready by the end of the month!


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