First Inspection Done!

Came home from a busy work day today to find Hayley a bit under the pump and stressed out with the up-coming inspections. A pretty big ask to control two crazy kids and keep them from trashing the house in the name of fun while we are getting it ready to sell, but super woman is doing a great job! When I got home, I did the finishing touches and claimed the lot and then we got out of there as the agent and client arrived.
Apparently the client is picky but she said that this was the best house that she had seen! She was interested in the aquaponics system as well as the rest of the garden and, like us, thought the house would do well with an extension in future. Not sure if she will be the buyer as she apparently procastinates, but who knows…
Positive inspection, 3 more to go this week, ad up on the net generating a lot of interest and hopefully a sell in the next week or so….. fingers crossed!


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