Sleep, who needs sleep!

Couldn’t sleep last night! Got to 2:30am in the morning when I last checked the clock, so must have fallen asleep just before 3am. Kobe-Li decided to wake at 6:30am so not much sleep for me…. Why was I awake, well I couldn’t stop thinking about the place we have our eye on. The potential, the cost, and the amazing dell, just waiting for our dream strawbale house! Got news from the agent today regarding how much work was needed and other bits and pieces. Liveable for the short term, but a fair bit still need doing. Bathroom needs moving, needs another coat of paint, re-wiring, termite inspection, roof inspection…. the list is pretty damn big…

Then there is our place. Need to get it ready for market. Started tonight inside by patching up non-smooth surfaces ready to be sanded and painted tomorrow night. The walls will get a good sugar soaping and a general clean-up. Caulked the bathroom and still a bit more to do in there. Only going to paint the kitchen and the paint colour is to match the rest of the house. It is going to make such a huge difference as it will lighten the kitchen up dramatically. A little bit each night and hopefully should get it all done.

Need to also get a heck of a lot of work work done as well. There goes any spare time I have at work…. never really had any anyway, but recess and lunch as well as after school are going to be damn busy!


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