So we went and looked at two places today. One was way too far from work, but more notably, had what can only be described as a negative energy running through it. Hard to really explain anymore than that, other than our thoughts are that some unsavoury things have either happened there or happened to the current owner.

The other house (which was the first own we saw) was awesome! A little on the high side of affordable, but still in range (just). The house itself had a lived in homely/family feel to it and although it needs updating, is perfectly comfortable to live in. New carpet and a paint job is all that is needed, with the kitchen and bathroom, still fine and can wait awhile before hacking into. The land was stunning, with views directly into the paddocks and dam as well a couple of flatish areas for our market gardening and orchard. There were already fenced off paddocks to rotate any large livestock and plenty of space for smaller livestock. The homestead area was fenced off into a large backyard and entertaining area and would be perfect for the kids and our own kitchen garden!

Our first inspection of our place tomorrow and everything is almost ready to go. A final wipedown and tidy up and we are ready to roll!

So the plan is to look at the surrounding schools, go back for a squiz at the schools and the property and then all things being good (and looks like they are!) make an offer with a long settlement to allow for the sell of our place! Fingers crossed:-)


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