Puppy time!

With a new farm and livestock on its way, I wouldn’t be complete without a working dog as well! Our beloved girls Coolie and Jedda are a little old now at almost 12 and 13 to be working the stock so time to look for another puppy to love and cherish. After having Coolie and seeing how beautiful and intelligent she is, we would love to get another Koolie, but they are a bit hard to find and it would seem, there are a few dodgey people out there selling merle dogs as Koolies, but are just x breeds between Aust. cattle dog and a merle dog, and then calling them pure Koolies! Koolies have been around for over 100yrs but never really registered as a breed until recently, which seems to be the downfall! They are a loyal, beautifully tempered and intelligent dog, used predominately as a working dog. Tradition holds that they are a X between a kelpie, collie, Aust . Cattle dog and heeler, as well as dingo! Through the years, they were bred to work the stock and devloped the merle colouring in their coat and some devloping blue eyes and dual colour eyes. Despite the beautiful colours, the most important part of the breed is their temperament and intelligence, many handlers saying after working with Koolies, they would never work with another breed! Surfice to say, we got both our girls from the RSPCA and would love to do the same again, so if there is a Koolie there then awesome, if not, then which ever dog shines and attaches well to us, then we will give it another chance at life!


One thought on “Puppy time!

  1. Went there, found a beautiful kelpie x, was patronised and was told to bring both Coolie and Jedda up to meet and greet before committing. Love the dog but they can go jump. Called a Koolie rescue mob, they had a Koolie to be rescued, she got stolen the next day, but going to pick-up a Koolie pup instead! Big drive ahead of me tomorrow, but should be worth it!

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