Packing and Preserves

The packing has begun! Went through the bookshelf today to find and return all the books we had borrowed from the library. Most likely our last trip there, at least for the near future. I must say that the people working at Melton library will sorely be missed, especially the boys favourite, Gemma 😦 When I was taking the boys regularly to the library, they would always ask if Gemma would be there, I then say she should be and they both cheer with excitement. Once there, you would think they would actually talk to Gemma, but alas no, other than hi, see you next time or have a good weekend….

So the packing begins, with Hayley and the boys boxing up the books we have inside.      Kobe-Li decided to help by turning the boxes into a train, while Lightning supervised… his sleep…..

Yesterday, Hayley, the boys and some friends came over to harvest the apricots. Unfortunately with all of the rain over the past 3 days, the apricots split. If it’s not the birds, it’s the weather. Oh well, still usable. Hayley has preserved them in the Fowler’s jars and is drying some as well. Only managed 3 1/2 laundry baskets full this year. I did prune very heavily last autumn, with the idea of getting a massive harvest in 2011/12 season, however we won’t be here. The new owners will have apricots coming out of their ears next year!


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