And it begins…

Got possession of the house yesterday (YAY!) and stayed there the night to do some much needed – read freakin heaps – of cleaning. 2.5hrs for 1 toilet and 1 bathroom…. did the previous owners not know what cleaning meant? Ironically, the only thing clean in the house was …. wait for it …. the toilet brush – don’t think it was EVER used!

Anyway, beautifully peaceful night (no freight trains or trucks thank God!), walked the dam and fence line in the morning, and then the painting. A massive thanks goes to mum and dad for cleaning the kitchen, ensuite and windows and a huge thanks goes to Vern for the on-going help with the painting and everything else! I must say that this morning it did all seem too much and I was very much disheartend with it all, but after the help today, I feel like we are definately going to make it on time and hopefully to budget! Thanks again to everyone for their help and more importantly the positivity and excitement that came from everyone (even last nights visitors the Hexter family – it was great having you guys up to check it all out and Pete, I needed to show off my dam to you!)


2 thoughts on “And it begins…

    • Hey Jacqueline, the dam is at capacity! We went and chucked a yabbie net in with the kids today, caught 5 good ones (who swam away to lve another day)! Pete has dam envy:-)

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