Someone remind me I have an allergy to crusaceans!

YUMMMMMMO!!! Yabbies! The only problem is I have a bit of an allergy to crustaceans…just localised itching and rashes…did that stop me? Hell no!


A Sad Day….

Rooster was sick… very sick… he is now buried under a tree, peacefully sleeping. I must say that it doesn’t matter how many chickens I dispatch, it never gets any easier. It took a good 5 or more minutes to psych myself up to the task. Luckily rooster just sat there, oblivious to what was going to happen… it was quick, very quick… he would not have felt a thing… now he is looking after the plum tree…

Wiltipoll Sheep and Herd Guardian Alpacas arrive!

The farm is slowly beginning to take shape! Our newest arrivals were delivered today, 3 Wiltipoll ewe lambs, 1 Wiltipoll adult ewe and 1 Wiltipoll REGISTERED stud Ram! Later down the track, we will source a good quality registered adult ewe and hopefully start up our own breeding program for this breed of sheep. We also had delivered 2 herd guardian alpacas, who we have named Bill and Ted, after two of my favourite characters Bill S. Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan (EXCELLENT). These two alpacas will keep our flock nice and safe from foxes, stray dogs and any other animal that wanders into the paddock. We will have to be careful with our dogs, but if they are introduced slowly, then they should be fine. I have read that they will kill a kangaroo if it looks like threatening their herd!

Although I had got the fencing ready for their arrival, there were 2 sections I had not blocked off, where the corner posts meet the coral and the gate. “They won’t fit through there” I thought… didn’t take long for 3 of the smaller lamb ewes to find their way into the winter paddock and the lush green grass! I herded them back in slowly, (pretty easy really) and then blocked the two areas up. Emptied, cleaned and re-filled their water troughs and then stood back and admired the lamb chops… I mean flock of sheep that will one day be sold at market and to friends! The Wiltipoll Association site. Allan and Lorraine’s site, the people we got the sheep from.

Two weeks in and loving the serenity!

Here is a bit of a photo update of where we are at. Not much has happened on the farm over the past couple of weeks, other than getting use to our new abode. We are enjoying the peace and quiet and Kobe-Li especially is loving living on the farm and loving his new school! Here are a few photos of people helping and a big thank-you goes to them, and soon there will some photos of the first real major addition to our subsistence farming life…the sheep (and alpacas)!

The bees have been moved (thanks Jon – copping 3 stings in the process of helping!). What a job that was! Firstly had angry bee trying to take me out at the old place and then after moving them and giving them 24hrs to settle, the damn things still were angry with me! I ran (and maybe screamed a little) and was chased a good 20m before either swatting them as I was smacking my head while they tried to land, or I out ran them… not sure but had a bloody sore head from hitting myself so many time after that!

Our house we sold had a hiccup in the sale settlement… hopefully all sorted by next week. Damn banks for not doing their job thoroughly!

Tomorrow will be full of fun and games firstly with Tano-Li’s 3rd birthday and secondly with getting the fences ready for the sheep! Bought a new tool to help with the fencing and it is going to be a hell of a lot easier than using a block and tackle (which I used in ealier fencing jobs) and a hand winch (also used in earlier jobs). Just looking at my new toy makes me want to fence!