God I love living on our farm!

The newest toy! A Massey Ferguson TE-A20 tractor, commonly known as a grey fergie! She’s a 1952-3 tractor with a rebuilt 4 cylinder vanguard motor. Basic mechanics, very little electrics so dead easy to maintain. In great condition and starts first pop (so long as you remember to pull the choke!).

Also order 3 Highland cows in calf. They are beautiful looking cattle and their meat is highly sought after. Will make for an emotional time come slaughter time as they are sooooo cute but it is all part of the life we have chosen to live.

The farm is slowly taking shape and soon (very very soon) we will need to name it. So the call is going out for ideas on a name for our farm. If you have a name, post it in the comments section below!


3 thoughts on “God I love living on our farm!

  1. Mine’s called “Wannabe Farmstead” (mostly because that’s all it is, it’s a largish suburban block). If you’re naming it “soon” you might fall over the perfect name “soon” 🙂

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