2 year experiment begins.

What a beautiful day it was today! A light breeze blowing all day, partly cloudy to hide the sun and the temperature was just perfect for getting out into the garden. The first of the kitchen garden vegie patch is dug, turned, fertilsed and planted up with seedlings. Plenty of cow poo, chicken poo and blood and bone was turned into the soil and then watered in. The vegies have every opportunity to get established and have been mulched and watered in. Now to wait patiently while nature does her thing. I finished turning over the second patch and will dig in fertiliser and such tomorrow after work. The first of our herb garden beds has also been turned over (thanks Vern!) and will be finished, ready for planting tomorrow night.

The experiment will go on for 2 years, seeing what can and cannot grow, how long each season is and how intense the winter is here. By the end of it, we should have a good idea of whether or not we can make a part-time living out of our lifestyle, if not, then we will enjoy the life, if so then bonus!

Gee it was great getting out in the garden with the cows looking on, the chickens clucking away (albeit being a little sick), Bill and Ted watching over their flock, the dogs running around and the family enjoying life!


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