More garden beds go in.

Got herb bed (HB) 1 planted up. Hayley put in a bunch of herbs we transplanted from the old house and they seem to have taken well! Vegie bed (VB) 1 suffered with the lettuce wilting and carking it after 2 days… may have been too much cow poo, woops! Oh well, will replant in the coming week. VB 2 going strong with beetroot, lettuce, onions and cabbages. If the cabbage butterfly doesn’t take all the brasicas out, then happy days! Let’s see what happens… Strawberry patch up and running. A bit late to put them in, but we should get 1 more flush before they shut down for the winter. Next spring/summer should provide plenty of strawberries for eating, deserts and jamming! Will also put a cane bed, (most likely rasberries) in soon, as autumn really sets in and gets close to winter, I will put them in an make sure they get a good chill before next season.

So things are moving along, we are all exhausted (in a good way) after working in the garden and number three seems like it has stalled… looking like going full term, if not longer!


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