Tractor finally back as well as soil test results!

Our tractor that we bought a few weeks ago has undergone some major surgery to get the thing up to scratch. Unfortunately I bought a bit of a lemon, but now, after a hydraulic overhaul, welding of the front right control arm, brake overhaul and a roll over bar, she is as good as new. Surfice to say I still love her and will be driving her everyday!

Hayley sent in some soil samples to get tested the other day and the results are also back. They are pretty good which is great for us, with only minor tweaks hear and there. Basically for what we are trying to achieve, the soil here is pretty much perfect! To maintain healthy stock and produce, all we need to do is farm organically, exactly what we were going to do anyway! It is nice to know that very little hard work in soil improvement is required. When the funds allow, I will purchase an IBC tank and rig up a 12volt boom spray. I will then do a bulk micro-organism spray of our fields of seaweed solution and a biodynamic solution called 500. I am also going to collect our cow poo and make my own micro-organism mixture, basically fermented cow poo with the addition of alpaca and sheep poo. Dilute the mixture, filter it through a few stockings and Bob will be my uncle – my own organic, micro-organism mixture! More on the process later, for now, I’ll sit back and enjoy the tractor!


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