There are still some genuine and nice people in the world!

As much as I love my tractor, I can’t help but be bitter at the on-going saga of the thing. Just got it back after 3 weeks in the workshop, top dressed a paddock, getting it ready for the sheep and alpacas to be moved into and then decided I would fit the temperature gauge I got for it. Well, the old cast iron housing of the thermostate had badly oxidised and the drain bolt came out ok, but the threads were so badly damaged, that the fitting wouldn’t bite… damn, another thing I have to order and replace! Surfice to say, I won’t be driving the tractor for another week or so… bitter… BLOODY OATH!

BUT all that being said and more to the topic of this post, I was in the almighty shop beginning with B on Friday after work to pick up some clear builders plastic for my cold frames and greenhouse. I was at the shelf looking at the options and couldn’t help bit listen to the old couple next to me discussing which of the films to buy for exactly the same thing. We got chatting and it turned out that the couple had moved from Tassie to Avoca and were preparing their vegie patch for the winter and the frost. We spoke gardening, aquaponics, sustainabilty and much more and next thing you know it, the couple invited me over to their house of a cuppa! Now I know it odd and under normal circumstances I would never do this, but they gave me their address and number and of course, I gave them mine with the returned open invitation for a cuppa. Chances are we will never go to each other’s house for a cuppa and we will most likely never talk gardening, aquaponics and the like over some cake and coffee, but for that briefest of moments, it felt good to know that there were still people out there who were genuinely nice folk.

Now to top all of that off, we were expecting a visitor today (Hannah one of our mid-wives)and while working in the garden, I heard the dogs bark. Naturally I thought Hannah was here so was shocked when I looked up and saw an old couple walking towards me! “Bugger me” I thought, “that old couple from ‘B’ did come to visit after all!” On closer inspection ie. as they got closer and I could see them clearly….ummmm maybe I need glasses…. they were our neighbours. Kevin and Marion, had come over with a big bag of pears and apples to share! Their fruit trees are going off at the moment and they thought that we might have liked a bag of their produce and man were we greatful. They stayed for a few minutes, checked that things were going ok and we had settled in, and then asked if we were happy with our move to the country. The smile on my face said it all. Yes… there truely still are some genuine and nice peopple in the world!


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