New Worm Farm!

Ever since moving here, I have been missing the our set-up at the old house, particularly the vegie garden, herb garden, fruit trees, aquaponics and composting systems. Well the vegies are slowly making progress as well as the herbs, the fruit trees will have to wait until late Autumn, aquaponics MKIII in the planning and the composting systems, before today, that was the chickens.

Today’s challenge was to spend nothing and build a worm farm! There was plenty of scrap timber and offcuts laying around a bathtub doing nothing but taking up space. So turned them all into a raised worm farm. There is space under the tub for a bucket so that I can collect worm juice and use that, diluted, onto the garden. Thanks to Vern for the help, made making the thing much quicker and always more enjoyable with good company 🙂

We have been getting some beautiful birds flying around today, pitty I didn’t have my camera when they were flying around! But the damn checky buggers have eaten all of my sugar snap peas seeds! I planted them yesterday and this morning, I noticed little holes where I put them in. “That’s strange” I thought, “I’m sure I covered them up…” On closer inspection, the pea seeds had been dug up and mostly eaten! So on went the bird netting and hopefully this next bath of seeds will make it!

The girls are enjoying their new paddock. I moved them yesterday and two of them did a runna! Bianca and Silver decided to check out what all the fuss with the dam was and ran down there before I could head them off. Well after a bit of running around in gumboots and waving my arms around like a maniac, I managed to get them back up to the new paddock. Ella, by the way was watching with mild amusement wondering why this guy was running around trying to fly. She walked into the new paddock without any problems.


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