I know I said I wouldn’t fiddle with the tractor but…

Yes yes, I know I said I wouldn’t fiddle with the tractor but she was leaking petrol. I thought it was the fuel bowl and the petrol was coming through the thread, but on closer inspection, it was the flange weld onto the actual tank. Bugger, going to need a new tank… at $300 there had to be a cheaper way… ah hah! All those 4WD dvds have finally come in handy! I remebered an episode where John Rooth and crew punctured a fuel tank going over some rocks. He used soap – yes that’s right soap – to plug up the hole and then used a 2 part putty to permanently plug the leak. So got the soap, rubbed it in well to seal the leak, cleaned and sanded the area and then applied the putty. 3mins later the putty was hard, 1 hr later it was solid! No more leaks!

Anyway, took her for a workout today, to check that everything with the cooling system was ok. Slashed the front orchard paddock, in ready for the hole digging for our bare root apple and stone friut trees to come in winter. After a good 30mins of work under load, all working perfectly!

Now to source 5 tonnes of lime and 1 tonne dolomite…


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