Killer Sourdough Sandwich Bread!

While Ava-Li was still cooking away in Hayley’s womb, I was busy preparing my new sourdough mother. 1 1/2 weeks later the mother was ready jst after Ava-Li was born so I am naming this mother, the Ava-Li Sourdough Starter. Anyway, I have been hunting around for a good sourdough recipe that does not produce strong sour flavour and one that has a soft textured crumb and a lovely chewy crust. Finally I think I have hit the jackpot! The following recipe is not for the faint hearted, it took me a good 18 hrs to make, finished baking at 12:25am this morning!


  • 250grams of sourdough starter
  • 1.1kg of strong bakers flour
  • 500ml of tepid water
  • 20grams of salt

Stage 1: Start with the warm water in the measuring container, and add in the starter. Mix it through thoroughly. Sift in 250 grams of flour and whisk it all together. It’ll make a thin slurry, or a light batter. Allow to stand in a warm place for an hour.

Stage 2: Sift in another 250 grams of flour, stirring it through with either a heavy whisk or a large spoon. It’ll be a thick batter now. Allow to stand in your warm place for about two to three hours. It’ll be forming bubbles by the end of this time.

Stage 3: Pour the mixture into your mixing bowl or plastic box, and add in 250 grams more flour. It’ll be a really soft dough now – you could still pour it, but only just. Allow to stand for another few hours in the warm place.

Stage 4: Add in the final 250 grams of flour and then the salt. You’ll need to knead now. It should end up a pretty silky smooth dough. Give it a solid kneading session, so that it shines. If it doesn’t, rest it for 15 minutes and have another go. Divide the dough into two even weight chunks, roll each into a ball, then gently place them into bread tin.

Allow to proof for as long as it takes to completely fill the tins, with plenty of dough coming over the top. You’ll find that it can rise a long way before it needs to be baked. This took about three and a half hours for me in a very warm room of about 25 deg celcius. It can take longer – by all means work towards filling the tins with light dough. The important thing is to keep them from skinning while the final proof is occurring. I used cling film coated in olive oil for this.


Once proofed, bake at about 210 degrees celsius for 45 minutes.  Next time I will make 2 loaves, one for fresh eating, one for freezing to use during the week. I will also look at baking in a hotter oven, say 220 degrees celsius, still for 45mins to get a deeper coloured crust. I let the bread cool over night and had some toast in the morning and a sandwich for morning tea. Yummo!

Recipe courtousy of:


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