Lemon Squash

Decided that my tractor needed a name and it really wasn’t long before I came up with Lemon. She is running beautifully now after giving it a tune, distributor overhaul and a carby refurb. From cold, she starts without the choke on the first pop now which is better than before! I still have to adjust the points gap in the distributor which won’t be a major drama, and will also change the spark plugs over. I will clean the old plugs and keep them as spare, but while I am servicing her, I may as well do the rest.

My mate Pete has aptly named his post-hole digger  that I am borrowing, “Squash”. Why you may ask? We were moving it off the trailer yesterday arvo and as we lifted, my fingers were not in the most ideal position. Surfice to say, the auger swung on its pivot point and crushed a couple of fingers. Ring finger on the left hand, where the finger nail had just regrown after a previous crush injury last year, had the nail rip of again! This recieved some stitches and should be ok and the nail shoud regrow again again. But the left index finger is a different story… It got crushed in the pivot point and a chunk of the finger was squashed and removed down to the bone. It was operated on today and the surgeons amputated my finger almost to the first knuckle (according to the surgery notes). I am yet to see the result, so can not confirm how far they went, but am assured they did their best to remove as little as possible.

I would post a picture of the finger, but I think it would traumatise too many people (me included). Anyway, there are worse off people in the world than me. I still have my family and my health 🙂

Lemon Squash anyone?


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