First Catch in the Dam!

Tano-Li and I were feeling a little bored this afternoon so we decided to go fishing! I had stocked the dam when we first moved it with trout, golden and silver perch and really didn’t think we would catch anything, but thought it would be fun just to have a go. So we got a rod, re-rigged it and then dug up some worms. A sure sign of healthy soil is an abundance of worms, and an abundance we have. After a couple of shovels, we had enough worms to last a very long time. TL and I went down to the dam and chucked a line in. He was so patient, waiting happily sitting on his seat and watching the float. KL came home and prompty joined us. He was, well shall we say less patient and lost interest within a few minutes. So I took over, slowly reeling in the line and BANG got a hit! In it came, me thinking it’s a little trout, but to my surprise, we caught a 30cm silver perch!


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