Tano-Li & Lightning

The two stars of today! Lightning and Tano-Li 🙂

For the last 2 weeks I have been wondering how in the world I was going to move both Bill and Ted into ther new paddock with the sheep… I moved Ruphus, Maa and the rest of the flock easy enough, but Bill and Ted were proving to be a little tricky. I tried all of the dogs on them. First Lightning. At 5 months old, it was a little early to get her working, but she did manage to chase them round in circles, but was a bit scattery with instructions. I found that if she didn’t start chasing the alpacas first, they would turn and try to run her down! At least I know they will be great herd guardians!

Next it was Coolie’s turn. She was great! She managed to get Bill out of the gate and almost got Ted! Unfortunately, she is going deaf and could not hear anything I was calling, so Bill managed to get back in and then they were off again…

Next Jedda… ummmm what can I say about her… well at least she stayed at my feet… not much else….

Fast forward 2 weeks. Tano-Li and I went to do the morning chores, let the chickens out, give them kitchen scraps and check on the animals. Both Bill and Ted were up at the gate and Lightning had managed to escape from the backyard (again). Bill and ted were eyeing Lightning off but stayed at the gate, so I opened it up fully and stepped back…. Slowly they came out, further and further, and finally enough for me to close the gate. Right now they’re out… how the bloody hell am I going to get them down to the new paddock without them running of into the winter paddock – in which case I would still be out there trying to round them up, and would be doing so for the next ummmmm thousand years! Cue Tano-Li! I asked Tano-Li to go down to the sheep paddock gate, mainly to get him away from the alpacas just in case. He went straight down to wait for me. Next cue Lightning! As opposed to two weeks ago, Lightning stayed behind me and darted left and right to keep the alpacas going in a straight line! We got them near the paddock and Tano-Li opened the gate. Bill tried to do a runna, but Lightning just rounded him back up with Bill. They then saw the sheep and then ran straight for them….into the paddock!!!!!

Perfect work by my two stars of the day: Tano-Li and Lightning!


2 thoughts on “Tano-Li & Lightning

  1. So how many people have you had quipping something about Bill and Ted having an Excellent Adventure or a Bogus Journey thinking they were the first ones to come up with it? 🙂

    Hurray for finally getting them where they were supposed to be!

    • thanks! Funny you should mention that because not long after reading your comment, Bill and Teds bogus Journey was on the tv:-) Ahhh the memories…

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