The Orchard Digging Begins

The orchard was plotted out the other day and despite being one handed, I decided to start digging the holes today. Even though the post hole digger is here, after last week, I am a bit scared to say the least, so out came the shovel.

Digging one handed is a bit tricky so I decided to enlist some child labour … I mean help.

Once the holes have been dug to about 500mm deep and 500mm wide, I will backfill with cow, sheep and alpaca poo mixed with the dirt. This will sit and decompose away for the next few months ready for the bare-root stock! Only 2 holes dug so far, the help is a bit slow, but fun to watch šŸ˜‰

25 fruit trees will go in this plot, most likely apples with another 25 stones fruit trees to go in another plot. There is also some room for about 20-30 cherry trees to go in.

May need to invest in a ripper as well…ummmm more toys to hurt myself … I mean work with šŸ™‚


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