Life’s Musings and Big Chickens!

It has been almost a week since going back to work after my very extended time at home with the family. I had such a beautiful time with them and am really missing taking Kobe-Li to school and picking him up, talking to the other mums and dads doing the same thing, spending the day with Hayley, Tano-Li and Ava-Li. It has been a really special time for me, really getting the chance to feel like a dad. I am saddened, that as a working father, I will continue to miss out on such a huge chunk of my family’s life, but a sacrifice worth making if it means they will live the life they currently are. Hayley has the hardest yet most rewarding job in the world and I would be telling lies if I said I wasn’t just a little jealous. She has done an amazing job with both the boys and continues to be a fantastic mum with our new addition, despite having her hands tied even further with a new-born. So every moment I have with my family is cherished and seen as a privilege and I  am reminded each night I get home that those less savoury days at work (such as today) are worth enduring just to see such a happy and blessed family.

On to farm news and we have just acquired our breeding stock of rare croad langshans. They are a huge chicken, with a recorded height of 75cm tall and a weight of up to 7kg. The idea with these chickens is to breed a nice sized flock of up to 200 birds for both eggs as well as meat. They are not as fast growing as the commercial hybrid broilers (usually a cornish x) but they are a larger bird that is known lay in the winter! Most chickens shut down for the winter or at least slow right down, but the croad langshans will keep on laying the same size and quality egg (huge by all accounts) through the winter with nothing more than good feed! So anywhere from 15-25 weeks old, the excess males will be culled and any hens that are not breeding to type will also end up processed, sold and or frozen. The dressed weight of these monsters should average to about 2kgs or more! More info go to: and

Tano-Li helped dig a dozen holes ready for the silkies Taj Mahal on the weekend. If I can get home early enough from work this week, I will be able to backfill and concrete them in, ready to start flooring and framing on the weekend.

Ahhhh life on the farm is just that….life!


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