Almost a Real Farmer!

It’s almost midnight, the family is all asleep in their lovely warm house snugged up in their beds and where am I? Out in the paddock checking up on my girls! To prove how much of a novice I am, I have been thinking that Ella was going to calve first, with her udder filling up, waddling around and keeping away from the other girls. How wrong was I! Bianca is now showing all the signs of immenent calving! Her private areas have dropped, she doesn’t wander too far before having to rest, the waddleing, keeping well away from the others and now, it seems, she is labouring to even get up! Now normally I would be freaking out thinking that she was ill, but being heavily pregnant, my guess is that she is ready to pop! So I will check on her again this morning and then again before going to work and hopefully, if she does calve tonight or tomorrow, all goes well!

So ticking the boxes to qualify as a real farmer:

Amputation of at least 1 finger – check

Getting up at ridiculous hours of the morning to make sure everything is going OK with the animals even though I should be leaving them and trusting nature – check

Almost a real farmer!

Here’s to you Bianca and good luck!


2 thoughts on “Almost a Real Farmer!

  1. Hi Farmer Nam,

    All the best for the new arrival. I hope that I do not have to go through all this excitement when it comes to lambing!


  2. All good Vern! She calved last night, sometime between when I last checked her and 6:30am! Don’t know the gender yet, we are going to leave them alone for a few days and make sure Bianca doesn’t reject the calf and to see if it takes the milk ok 🙂

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