Aquaponics Publication MarkII

Whilst in the midst of planning my Aquaponics System MKIII, I have just found out that I am going to be published again in a world wide Aquaponics Manual! The first publication was in an Australian Aquaponics magazine (available from but now I, along with many other aquaponics enthusiasts are going world wide! My system MkII has been included in the manual as well as some 3D sketch-ups of how to build the system. Looking back at some of the photos of my old system, it is amazing the growth I got out of it and it really makes me miss aquaponic gardening…. That’s OK, my third system is in the planning as I mentioned before. A 30m long greenhouse, growing amazing fruit and vegies, powered by a massive aquaponics system!!!!! Here is my section of the manual, which will be free to download in full in the coming weeks:¬†Quachy Extract


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