Taj Mahal Chicken Shed Progress Update

With the weather as clear as it has been in a week, it was time to continue working on the chook shed. Stumps were put in last weekend, and bearers were also layed down. Pulled the extension lead out and connected to a outdoor power point with an in built safety switch. Plugged the compressor in and turned it on and then “click” safety switch flicked! With all the moisture on the ground, I must have got the points a bit wet before I pluged it in. I did give it a wipe, but evidently not enough. Take 2 and this time made sure everything was dry! Mental note: next time there is a sale on for cordless framing guns, buy it! After working on the chook shed for most of the afternoon, I managed to get the joists and floor boards down. Everything on the shed so far has been salvaged from around the farm and I am trying my darndest not to buy anything to build this thing. So far, total cost of the chook shed is: 0$! Unfortunately I will need to buy some framing pine and maybe some cladding… either way, it’ll be a pretty cheap build and the chooks will have their Taj Mahal!


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