Reports and Ripping.

I am usually a very patient and calm person. No no, really I am… but today tested my patience to breaking point. I should be at it now, writing the rest of my reports, but alas, I am not, rather, I am waiting for the report program to respond to my “saving” request so that I do not lose the ones that I have completed… like what happened earlier in the day! Hmmm, no use complaining about it I guess, as they won’t get done any quicker (but it does make me feel better temporarily, that is until I have to get back to them again…)

While I was cursing away at the computer (well in my head, Julie was around so I didn’t want her to hear some of the words and curses that I made up), Vern was out on the tractor ripping up the orchard, the potato patch and the berry patch. The orchard is somewhere in the vicinity of 3/4 – 1 acre, the potato patch is about 20m X 30m and the berry patch is about 30m x 10m. We still need to rototill the potato and berry patch, rest it for 2 weeks, rototill again and then put in our potatoes and berries. This will help kill the weeds and not give them too much of a chance to re-establish. The worm life in the soil was fantastic, with worms everywhere! Always a good sign of soil health! To say that Vern enjoyed himself is a little bit of an understatement. And the little grey Fergie “Lemon”, well she performed beautifully!

Click on the links below to watch Vern and Lemon at work! You can see our alpacas, sheep and cows in the background, all wondering when Vern is going down there to feed them!

PS: Please excuse the wind noise and dodgey camera work!


2 thoughts on “Reports and Ripping.

  1. Oh Quachy, I do not miss reports, and I hope all yours are sorted now. I hope a higher power at school reads your blogs about the program being hopeless. The farm is looking awesome! Watching the tractor go around made me feel calm and relaxed for some reason.

  2. Hey Jacqueline! Ahhh reports, I love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world but reports….

    Anyway I agree, watching a tractor at work is definately a calming exercise, only the old ones mind you, they have that old world charm about them… Once all of these reports, chook shed and orchard are in, wait until you see my next project! A timber frame milking shed, followed by a timber frame barn, followed by a timber frame and strawbale house/farmstay accomodation!

    Hope the travels are treating you well! Love your blog by the way!!!!

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