Chook shed update.

My cousin Quoc-Le came up to help with the chook shed today (thanks Cuz). A welcome distraction to the reports that need to be finished (as is this update!). It was raining on and off for quite a while and at one stage it didn’t look like we would get anything done. I had cleaned the back pergola area so we set up there and proceeded to finish off all of the birdsmouths on the rafters. I have to say that I love working with hand tools, but the jigsaw did make for a speedier finish. We cut out most of the birdsmouths with the jig saw, using one I finished the other day as our template. I then finished it all up with the chisel. The humble chisel is my second favourite hand tool, my favourite has to be the hand plane. One day when I build a traditional timber-framed barn, I will accumulate as many useful hand tools as I can. Why, well because I love them, but also note the word ‘useful’. If it doesn’t have a use on this farm, it ain’t worth keepin.

While working away and moving the timber, we found this funky looking mushroom. No idea what it is, but definately not an eater! One thing I do know about mushrooms and fungi is if it is bright and colourful, look but don’t touch!

As each stage goes up, I am left wondering why the hell I made this thing so damn big! Lucky chicken I guess…


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