Late To Work & Late Night Boredom.

I was a little late to work yesterday. Had a little bit of an issue with the car, ie she wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry! We have had a heck of a lot of rain over the past couple of months here, a bit different to the climate we moved from I must say. Suffice to say, the ground has not had any chance to dry up, but me in my 4 wheel drive, think I’m all tough and all, decided to tackle the back track in our backyard instead of reversing and going out the front where it was much drier. “She’ll be right” I thought, “good old Tezza made it through the other day without any issues”. Hmmmm, I should have thought harder as my brain forgot the fact that last time, I didn’t have the trailer on the back! So off I went and yes I was already in 4wd, but alas, the ground was just way too saturated and sticky and my tire tread just got gunked up with mud.

Ah, but that gave me the perfect excuse to play with Lemon! That’s right, there’s nothing like the smell of tractor fumes in the morning… I fired Lemon up and grabbed the snatch strap, hooked her up and snatched poor old Tezza out. Lemon did the job without missing a beat! All the while, Kobe-Li was looking out the backdoor, wondering what in the world his father was doing and giving Hayley a blow for blow run down of his crazy old man snatching Tezza out with a tractor!

So fast forward 14 hours, the kids are asleep (well Kobe-Li wasn’t, but he was in his room) I had had enough of reports, and… well… was bored. So I got out my chisel set, my block plane and Jack plane and sharpened them all. A pretty soothing and meditative job really, a bit noisy (particulalry for those trying to watch the TV), a bit messy, but hey there is nothing more satisfying than using a freshly sharpened chisel or plane!


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