Late night fencing…

Last day of work for the next three weeks today. What a relief! It has been an eventful term for me, both professionally as well as personally. But now, it’s time for full time farming! I have been looking forward to this moment for a while and the next three weeks will give me a chance to get some uninterupted work done on our farm!!!

But alas, the farm couldn’t wait. I got a text this afternoon from Hayley saying that Silver Girl had pushed through the bottom paddock fence and was running free in the winter paddock! “Dang it” I thought. So as soon as I finished up, I went to pick up my chainsaw, which was getting serviced, and headed home before the fading light disappeared. The cows, (we are assuming it was Silver) had pushed on the fencing (which I have not yet electrified). One of the wires had rusted through and a bit of cow pressure and it snapped.

Silver was easy enough to get back into the paddock with Lightning rushing her from behind and her following me and her feed and the fence was repaired using my favourite fencing tool, the “Gripple”. 30mins later, all good!

Silver is not looking as pregnant as she should be by now and we suspect she isn’t. We’ll wait and see I guess, but if she isn’t and she pushes through and escapes again… well… anyone out there like beef?


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