Love my Maks!

The weather was kind today, which allowed me to get up on the Taj and fix
the roofing iron down. Also gave me an excuse to use on of my favourite cordless toys, the impact driver (thanks Vern!). It really did make the job a breeze! I did have a bit of a moment though, as I was fixing the sheets, down, a big prolonged gust of wind blew up and lifted one of the sheets I had yet to fix down! Got the heart pumping a bit, but luckily I  had wedged it under a fixed sheet for this very reason! Still, the wind got up and I wasn’t  sure if I was going to get a 9′ sheet of roofing iron in the face or not for a split second there!

I finished the roofing and as they were reused sheets, I decided to plug the old holes up with a bit of roofing silicon, so hopefully, no leaks! I spent a bit of time admiring the view from up there and I must say, it was pretty darn good!


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