Another big day, trees cut down ready to be turned into posts, and a door made and fitted to the chook shed. The list of jobs keeps growing and as I hoe into some homemade doughnuts with rhubarb and apple strudel and some icecream, I think to myself that I couldn’t be happier!

We are nowhere near ready to sell produce yet, with fruit trees, berries and our market garden to go in, our calf (and soon to be calves) to grow, our ewes to have their lambs (they better be pregnant!) and for them to grow, our chickens to breed up and then once the animals are mature and not until then will the investments start to make a dint on our debt! It was reaffirming today however, while down at the almight “B” shop creating more debt and making someone else richer, I got talking to a fellow customer. We were both looking at axes and log splitters, as all men do 🙂 and we started chatting about this and that. I’m not sure how, but we went from axes to tractors to farming to feta… anyway this guy, Mark, wanted to know if we had any produce ready yet to sell and specially wanted to buy some feta! “Struth Ruth” I thought. We’re only just starting to get things moving into and small commercial enterprise and people are wanting to buy our things already! Before it was only family and freinds saying they would buy produce, now it’s strangers (who look disappointed that we are not quite ready yet) and people we have just met in the area! Hayley has met some great people who want to buy our excess food from our current garden! Dang it, we are eating it all, but these and other positive conversations are very very reaffirming.


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