Free Fertiliser!

In the coming days and weeks, the yet to be named farm will recieve a bucket load of stuff to plant and get the market garden cranking! So for now, our plots need to be fertilsed and prepared in ready for a big couple of days of gettting our hands dirty! Today we had some visitors try their luck at fishing in the dam, but to no avail, and I was on the ride-on mower filling up the little trailer with as much free fertiliser as I could find. When I say free fertiliser, what I mean is, animal crap! That’s right, air dried, decomposed animal poo! Great stuff it is! We have cow poo, alpaca poo (they do their business in the one spot so it was easy to collect the mound of crap that had piled up), sheep poo (harder to find as it is scattered everywhere) and chicken poo. I filled the little trailer up half a dozen times and spread it out onto the recently tilled plot. I then went over with the tractor and tiller 3 times to really work it into the soil. Now to just leave it there and let the worms do their thing (and there are heaps out there which is a good sign!) until our stock arrives for planting. What a pooeautiful day 🙂


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