Chook Shed and Apple Trees

Finally, the chickens have occupation of their new home, “The Taj”. We still need to paint it and I still need to put a window shutter up, but it is fox proof and they are kept out of the weather. They love their new perches, and took to their new home straight away. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the mice to work out how to get in (hopefully never). There are a couple of little holes that I will plug up tomorrow, but all in all, I think it is rodent proof (touch wood). It was finished today and although I didn’t mind working in gail force winds and sleet rain, I’m not sure it is something I will make a regular occurrence.

I also picked up the first lot of plants for our orchard today. I stuffed up our order and instead of 40 trees, we got 38… dang it! I somehow left 2 off the order. Oh well not to worry, I am sure 38 will keep us busy enough for a while. They are broken up into 5 harvest seasons: late December to early February we have “Beauty of Bath”, “Tydeman’s Early Worcester”, “Irish Peach” and “Gravenstein”. From February to March we have “Somerset Red Streak”, “Worcester Pearmain”, “James Grieve” and “Keswick Codlin”. From March to April we have “Cox’s Orange Pippin”, “Fortune (Laxton’s Fortune)”, “Golden Delicious” and “Jonagold”. In April to May we have “Bramley’s Seedling”, “Cornish Aromatic”, “Court of Wick” and  “Pink Lady”. And finally from May through to June/July we have “Braeburn”, “Rokewood” and “Yates”. I also picked up “Autumn Bliss” raspberries to plant to go in the berry patch. This will complement the different varieties of strawberries as well as the other raspberries we have. The whole idea of it is to prolong our harvest season as best we can, with different varieties of both berries and apples.

This is only the first lot of plants we are getting for the orchard, next year, we hope to put in stone fruit, being different varieties of peaches, plums and cherries, once again, trying to extend the harvest season with a variety of herritage species.

So a busy day tomorrow (as always) but should be heaps of fun with some help from some great friends and the rest of the family 🙂


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