Chicken Eggs and Orchard Planted!

The chickens really love their new home. We have had 2 eggs in 2 days and no doubt will get more as the other two mature. The eggs are a good size, with a great deeply coloured firm yolk. Beautiful flavour! We will start to leave the eggs in the nests after a week, and then hopefully the will go broody and hatch the clutch. If not, mother silkie looks like she is just about to go broody, so we will shove a 1/2 dozen under her and let her do her thing. There is still a steady supply of silkie eggs at the moment, smaller eggs, but packed full of flavour, colour and firmness. Our chickens seem to be a little strange as most other chickens shut down for winter and only come back on the lay near the beginning of spring. Must be all that TLC they get 🙂

Over the past couple of days, we have been blessed with not only the company of some great, great friends, but also their help in planting out our orchard. Annelise and Jason both helped us tirelessly to plant our 52 apple trees, elder berry plants and apricots. Only had to pay them in cups of coffee, not a bad trade really! We managed to get them all in
by nightfall yesterday, along with a good sprinkling of alpaca poo on top! Today we put on the “Ewok” rabbit guards. Jason’s father, Laurie, uses 1″ polypipe split down the middle to protect the bottom 30cms of their trees when they plant. He looks like an Ewok, hence the name. It will be interesting to see if they are effective, and if not, I will replace them with gal mesh.

(Sorry about the dodgy, shaky camera work)

We also planted some potatoes in the kitchen garden and I am testing the theory of using sulphur dust after cutting them. Apparently the sulphur kills off any fungi and helps to stop rot and potatoe diseases. We’ll wait and see what happens. We have put these guys in the kitchen garden as they are not seed potatoes, just a selection of potatoes we have bought at market that we like and saved. The seed potatoes are due in the next week or so, and we will be busy planting them then in our garden “extension”.


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