Wascally Wabbit!

Wascally Wabbits got to the Elderberry plants! Only 3 of them got nibbled, but that’s 3 too many! They love to eat the new shoots and bark of saplings and in doing so kill them. Luckily the Elderberry is a hardy plant and they should recover ok. In fact they are so hardy that I am a little concerned that they will become weedy in future. We will just have to wait and see and if they do start sprouting too far from where I want them, thats when Lemon and Slasher comes into their own šŸ™‚ To protect the remaining Elderberries, I used left over gal mesh and made a guard for them. This should keep the wascals at bay.

Also got the first of our raspberries in. They are called Autumn Bliss and crop heavily during (as the name suggests) autumn. There is a smaller crop in summer and then their main crop in autumn. The beauty with these is that at the end of the season, you just prune everything to the ground. No fluffing around with 1st year 2nd year canes, just chop ’em and they grow back and crop again next season. A bit of work needs to go into the soil as below the topsoil is a layer of lovely sticky clay. Gypsum will go well here along with a natural product I found from a local supplier called Rock Dust. It literally is that, crushed rock which helps to release minerals and such that have been locked up, for the plants to use.Ā  The hole I dug is for the blackwood posts I got from Peter’s place. They will be used to string some tension wire up to help support the raspberries as they grow. Although not vital, it does make for easier work in the future, so may as well do it right the first time!

Farm work continues šŸ™‚


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