Trellis Complete

Another typical day on the farm, grey, misty, windy at times and very cold! But no rest for the wicked. I didn’t really get much done today, only managed to put up the trellis for the raspberries. Not sure why, but time seemed to fly by today… The trellis posts are on a bit of a lean, but that is fine as they are well braced. As the raspberries grow, I will tie them to the lower wire and as they continue to grow, I will tie and lean them over the top wire. This allows light and air to penetrate the middle of the raspberry hedge, and makes for easy picking!

The body is starting to feel it a bit… might have a rest day tomorrow… hang on, the chicken run fencing needs to be done, potatoes and strawberries need to be planted (if they arrive), front fence needs to be repaired and electrified, need to start looking at preparing for next week and being back at work…


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