Introducing House Rates!

While finishing off the greenhouse and tidying up the shed (ready for the next project – Bee Hives!!!) I had a glance at Ella in the paddock and she seemed to be moving around a little strangely. Hmmm I thought, she’s done that before and nothing happened, so…. I kept tidying up. Curiosity though got to me and I had another look. She was up and down, up and down and looking very uncomfortable. Her rear end had dropped and her tail was, well, bent. This was it! She was ready to calve, FINALLY! She was out in the back corner of our top paddock and just in view, but School Fees seemed to be harrassing her, as was Bianca – or so it seemed. Both Hayley and I now think the cows were checking and encouraging Ella, the proof I think is when the calf stands up (the second clip below). It was amazing to see all of the cows, even the aloof Silver Girl, came running to check out the new calf! Once things got going, Ella calved very quickly. She got up a couple of times and Tano-Li’s commentary was gold! When watching, have a close look at when she stands up. Are they hooves I can see? Here are some of the clips.

On a different note, the bacon I had been curing was oven smoked/baked tonight. Struth Ruth, it is gooooooood! It does not have that pink colour that commercial bacon has, which comes from the sodium nitrite that is used. This stuff isn’t that great for you, in fact can kill you in large doses and is linked to many cancers. Not good at all. Anyway, the bacon I made had a grey colouring, and was just divine! It definitely will not last long in this house. You know, it is times like this that I am glad Hayley is a vego 🙂

Next food project, wet cured ham!


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