Planting Time!

A gorgeous weekend on the farm! The sun was shining, very little wind and the temperature was mild. Perfect time to start some planting!

My little package of goodies arrived late last week (the post box lost it, then found it again…) and in it there were 60+ strawberry crowns, 12 raspberry canes and 16kgs of seed potatoes! Yesterday I planted the Willamette raspberries, a heavy cropping variety, that crop in summer. They fruit on the second year canes, so a little more management than the Autumn Bliss I put in the other week. If managed well, I should get a good summer crop from the Willamette’s and then another autumn crop from the Autumn Bliss. Strawberries will be next weekends job.

Although today’s planting effort was easier than yesterday’s (the raspberry area is a bit wetter than the potato area), now that it is all done, I am damn tired! All in all I planted half of our seed potatoes, so 8kgs in all. If my maths is right, then we should produce close to 250kgs of potatoes from this batch, and another 220-250kgs when the next batch goes in. Each plant yeilds on average about 2-2.5kg of potatoes and with about 110-120 plants in today, that’s a lot of potatoes! The varieties are: Ruby Lou, a mainstay in out household, they have never let me down and are great for roasting and boiling; Dutch Cream – another great performer that have never let me down, the perfect mashing potato; Royal Blue – a new variety for me, it is meant to be a perfect all round potato; King Edward – although I have not really had bumper crops with this variety, I have to say it is my favourite roasting potato and beats all the others without even trying!

I have also started a bit of an experiment to see how long it takes our fold Highland cows to graze a patch in our winter paddock. I roped of a section about 25x25m and let them eat to their hearts content today. At the end of the day, it didn’t look like they made much of a dint and so they will go back in there tomorrow. At a guess, this size mini-paddock should keep them going comfortably for 1 week, perfect for cell grazing!

Another beautiful day on the farm, another beautiful day in life!


2 thoughts on “Planting Time!

  1. The cell grazing is working well, the test area lasted a week with a bit to spare. I have now electrified the cell perimeter and they are in an area that should last them at least another week but more likely 1 1/2 – 2 weeks.

    • Hmm, didn’t last as long as I hoped, they grazed to their hearts content and the cell was grazed down in under a week! So a new cell has been made and I will check the growth rate on the grazed paddock.

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