Hmmm, don’t forget the tap…

Had a bit of a late night at work today and a bit of a rough day, so it was a big relief when I drove down our road and into our driveway. Ahhh home at last I thought. I came inside, all was quiet, the boys (read Number 1 child) needed an “early night”, so they all had an early dinner and were in bed. After finishing off the bedtime routine, I felt like an egg and cheese toasted sandwich. Looked in the cupboard, dang, no eggs, so I went outside in the dark to the Taj to collect a couple of eggs for dinner. On my way past, I did my customary OCD thing of tapping the stock tank to check its level… “Hmm that didnt’t sound right” I thought. I kept tapping all the way from the top, down a foot, down another foot, then right down to the bottom. The tank was empty! How in the world did that happen? I then went and checked all the taps coming off this tank line and sure enough, the tap to the cows water trough was on… in fact, it had been on since the same time last night! SOMEONE (it may or may not have been me) forgot to turn the tap off last night after setting the electric fence up in the cows paddock! So off I went to get the dam pump going to fill the tank back up. While I was waiting, I also cleaned the gutters of the shed collecting water off to the rear double garden tanks. An hour later, stock tank full, gutter cleaned, storm water pipes unblocked and 1 sliced finger courtesy of the roofing iron (cut right through a leather glove!).

Have I forgetten something…. dang it, the eggs!


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