Worth the Dream?

It has been a long week this week and it still isn’t over yet… Lots of jobs have been finished but as each job is complete, another one pops up. The weather is still wet, windy and very very cold. We had -3 deg earlier this week when I was getting ready for work! The ground that I prepared a few weeks earlier is now too wet to work in, and so I need to wait another week before the next batch of potatoes go in… Relying on our wood heater to keep us warm this winter has been a steep learning curve. The amount of wood we have gone through has been phenominal, sufice to say, we are quickly running out of wood and need to get felling and splitting again this weekend. The cows are eating more than anticipated so need to be moved more regularly, the chickens are still not broody so we are relying on my makeshift incubator to hatch some eggs, the sheep and alpacas at least, are happily grazing in their new little stretch of land. Soon we will need to put 2 or 3 half supers on our bee hive so we can start harvesting honey…….

I wake up each morning, get ready to go to work and drive out the driveway with the view of a rising sun over our paddocks, smoke coming from the flue, and ice topping the fields and think to myself, is all the work and effort worth the dream? Damn right it is!


2 thoughts on “Worth the Dream?

  1. All throughout out lives we will face trials & tribulations its our outlook on life and family that matter the most, keep your chin up as I know it will all come together over time, ( farmers weren’t born in a day. Lol )
    Always thinking of you guys,

    Kevin Crooks.

  2. Thanks Kevin! Slow and steady is the key. I have to say I rather enjoy all of the work that needs to be done! I would go crazy otherwise!

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