Chicken Rotation.

Vern came over today to do a few odds and ends. It is always great working with him, we sometimes don’t say the same thing, but we mostly mean the same thing. Not really sure how it works, but it just does. Best of all, we seem to be able to communicate without talking, each of us kinda knowing what the other person needs or is trying to do… Anyway, we cleared out the old wood shed, which is now a storage shed. One day I would like to cover it with crushed rock, but that’s another job. A whole bunch of stuff now sits in there out of the weather, ready to be used.

We also started separating the chicken area into 4 quadrants. The idea is that the chickens will be moved around each quadrant on a rotation basis, not too disimilar to the other livestock rotation. After they destroy one area, we will then level it out and sow a mixture feed crop, like sunflowers, and grains, so that when they are back in that quadrant, their feed will be supplemented by what has grown. It is really looking good, but we will need some more fencing and 4 gates before this is finally finished. Once done, I will then knock up a chicken tractor like Joel Salatin’s ones ( but half the size and halve them follow the cows.

So much to do!!!! So much fun!!!! So much life yet to live!!!! So glad our family is living it!!!!


One thought on “Chicken Rotation.

  1. Yeah and I love being the labourer.

    Now, those chicken tractors. What project number is that on the list?

    Anybody want to buy a business in Echuca so that I can retire and become a full-time farmhand?


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