When we first purchased our little patch of paradise, Hayley and I dicussed whether or not we would go certified organic or not. After doing some investigation, we decided not to as the cost and time required to keep things sorted for auditing was not going to be worth our while. Instead we thought we would grow organic (as if THAT was ever in question) and not certify, but also look at going biodynamic, once again, uncertified. What is biodynamics, well read here:

I am not a huge fan of the mystic mumbo jumbo, but the common sense approach it brings and the symbiotic philosophy, to me is very aluring. In a nutshell, it is all about the health of the soil, the health of the plants, the health of the animals and ultimately the health of us. Biodynamics’ core element is a mixture called 500, a cow horn stuffed with cow poo and buried for 6 months to super decompose. What is left is an amazingly concentrated humus filled with natural organisms and good soil microbs.

So after purchasing a home gardeners kit at the start of the year, which inoculates upto 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of land, I finally got around to inoculating our orchard, berries, kitchen garden and market garden areas. There is still enough to do the same again, which I will do mid spring. The instructions say to do it 2 times a year, once in spring and once in autumn, but to give it a boost start, I was told that I could double up early on and then do the standard applications there after.

As always, I had my young padawan with me, wanting to help in everythiing I did! Tano-Li helped to spray the mixture in the orchard and he also helped to load the ride-on trailer with the cut grass Vern had just slashed! He asked what he could do to help and follwed every instruction to the letter!

A big thanks to Vern and cousin Quoc-Le today for their help also. Vern played on the tractor and with the chainsaw and Quoc-Le helped stir the 500 mixture for an HOUR! He also worked out that planting potaotes by hand, can be pretty hard bloody work 🙂

We also made our own butter the other day! Hayley found a “bath milk” supplier and so until we have our own house cow, we can use this milk and cream to make our own dairy products! Hayley made some feta also! Can’t wait to have some!!!

This is a photo of yesterday’s lunch: homemade bread, eggs from the chook shed and homemade butter. Sen-blody-sational!


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