Numb Bum

OK so the topic title this time is a bit dodgey, but tell you what, that is exactly what happened tonight! I got home from work and it was time to move the cows to their next bit of fresh pasture. So I turned off the electric fence, moved the cows into a temporary paddock and setup a new cell for them to graze. I turned the electric fence back on and moved the cows back out and man they were happy! Dang, forgot to move their water trough (an old bathtub). So I dragged the old tub down to the new cell and as I hate double handling, I decided to leave the electric fence on rather than go up the hill, turn it off and then back again to turn it on. I then dragged the tub under the hot wire… yeah well, that was a mistake… I thought I was low enough, but my BUT was sticking up too high and made contact with the hot wire! I have said before in an earlier post that this little solar unit kicks out a bit of juice and has floored me before – literally. Well I can report that feeling is slowly coming back to my rump and next time, I’ll turn that bloody electric fence off!


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