Great food, great wine, great company and great news!

Another productive weekend after my rear end regained feeling. I got the last of our potatoes in (well the last for now, will plant some more but that will be much later in the season), and have prepared and semi prepared some beds ready for planting in a couple of weeks. Collected some black gold and now just have to wait and let nature do its thing.

We also had a vist from a long time friend and his partner. It was great to see them again and we enjoyed a lunch of slow roast lamb shoulder that was meltingly good, roast potates, sourdough bread and and a garden salad. Life really doesn’t get much better than this! Great company, great food, great wine and to top it off great news from our friends, who are expecting their first baby in December! Congratulation Jamie and Rachel! Can’t wait to meet the bub and next time we catch-up, I’ll remember the eggs and rhubarb!


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