More Babies!

After 21 days in my makeshift incubator, our first of our croad langshan chicks have hatched! I managed to get a clip of one of them pushing out of the egg! Very very cool! There are 3 in the brooder, one in the incubator fluffing up and another 4 eggs to go. One of those eggs is almost there and another one is smacking its beak against the shell to pip its way out. On a sadder note, one did die and Tano-Li helped me take it to the wormfarm. Sounds kinda odd heartless, but the way I see it, the life that was lost will help feed other life forms, which will inturn help feed plants to help feed us. Kobe-Li’s comment, “Ahhh, that chick is really dead.” Our kids are exposed early to life and death on the farm and I can only see the benifits of this. Respect for life, but also respect for death.

I think I will exand this incubator to allow for more eggs at once and to allow for more working space. As it is, I am lucky I don’t have giant hands! Anyway, here is the vid!


One thought on “More Babies!

  1. So far a total of 5 chicks, 1 still trying to pip out, 1 death and 2 which look like they have died in the egg. I will leave the incubator on for another 24 hours before I sanitise, and start a new batch.

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