Window Sill Seedling and Potato Popping

About a week ago, our seed stock arrived from Eden Seeds and I was itching to get them into some seedling raising mix. As mentioned in a previous post, we are still getting pretty significant frost, so severe in fact that the greenhouse seedlings have either stalled, or got frost burn… So once the seeds arrived, I decided to raise the seedling inside on the woodheater as my heat mat. As much as I would like to get myself a large heat mat, that will have to wait until next year. For now, it is the wood heater, the greenhouse and the window sill.

It has been pretty amazing to see the results I have to say! After only a few days, we had some tomato seeds germinate as well as some lettuce seeds! So as they germinate I will transfer them out into the greenhouse and the sunlight. I could keep them inside, but the seedlings wil then get leggy and weak, so out they go.

A month ago I put in the first batch of the bulk potatoes. Well I am happy to report that they are starting to pop through the ground and will soon be ready for mounding.


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