In 5 days time, I will be on a plane on the way to Vietnam for a 12 day stay. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited by this, but my emotions are much more apprehensive than they are excited. I will be going with my school, helping to supervise 15 students in Grade 6 and Year 7. The trip itself sounds awesome and I am so incredibly lucky to be able to go with the group, albeit as their “interpreter”. My Vietnamese is not too bad and will well and truely pass for most things, but this is not why I have a sense of apprehension.

Since moving to this property of ours, I have totally lost my desire to travel. I still wish to visit the beautiful places around the world and see all the ancient wonders, but the pull that once had on me is no longer as strong. The travelling can wait, there are more important things in life to do and travelling, to me, is an extreme luxury. Instead, the more time I spend here with my beautiful (and often crazy 🙂 ) family, the more I connect with the land, and the life we are forging for ourselves. The dream, as difficult and rediculously far fetched as it may seem to some, is something that drives me to do what I do, for the sake of the land, the environment and ultimately my children.

It is not that our famliy was not happy before we moved here, we were, very happy infact and doing what we loved on a small scale. But the move to the countryside, the open space, the fresh air, the farmyard animals, the orchard, the veggie garden, the peace and the quiet, has all enhanced our lives so much more. Sure we still have our disagreements, and dinner time is almost always trying, but there just seems to be a sense of calm that was not there before.

So am I apprehensive? Yes, but only because I will miss my family and miss my home.


3 thoughts on “Apprehension

  1. Lovely Nam, we felt exactly the same after we built our dream home on 3 acres…we stopped going camping as we didn’t want to leave our beautiful treed surrounds & all the comforts of home. As the girls grew up our love of camping returned & although I sometimes miss that great big house I definitely don’t regret down sizing, pulling the girls out of school for a term to travel around Europe & sending them to BMG.Enjoy Vietnam & return safe & sound to your beautiful family, Jen xoxo

  2. Thanks Jen. I know the trip will be awesome, but like you back then, the desire to go travelling and even camping, that’s right camping ( and you know how much I love my 4wdriving and camping!) has gone. I am sure htat as the kids get older and time passes it will all come back, but for now… I will love Vietnam anyway. Really it is a priveledge to be able to go and I am truely looking forward to seeing the homeland for the first time!

  3. Quachy I’m so excited for you to be going to Vietnam! It’s sad to hear that you don’t have that burning desire to go travelling that you always have expressed, but I know how it feels to be content (okay, it doesn’t happen much!) and not want to really change anything. It seems stupid to say, but one of the best things about travelling or leaving home (and contents) is coming back – you have to leave to get a new kind of perspective, love and appreciation for what you already have! I hope you have a wonderful time, and return even more invigorated about your lovely family and property, and about life in general. Also – the best nights I’ve ever had have been the ones I have been the least looking forward to! Bon Viaje!!

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