Gambling with the Frost

I got home a little early today and after checking the long range forecast for my area, I decided to take the risk and start planting out seeds. Well kind of a risk. I just started with a small batch of corn and will do some more tomorrow. The Variety is Balinese Sweet Corn and it is not a F1 cross so we should be able to seed save so long as I get my planting scheme right. Direct sowing corn seeds won’t be too much of a risk with the frost if we do get another one (the reality is we will I must say) as they will take about 2 weeks to germinate in this temperature anyway and by that stage, the frost risk will drop significantly.

In the meantime, I will rig up a rope light heat mat and get some more seeds started this way and hopefully when I get back from overseas, I will have a whole bunch of seedlings ready to plant out!

Here is a picture of my ever helpful helper sowing the corn seeds!


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