Back home and lots to do.

My trip to Vietnam with the students was a great experience. We spent 12 days exploring Saigon, Nha Trang, De Nang, Hoi An and Hue then back to Saigon. We almost got stuck in Hue do to a typhoon bearing down on us! It had rained heavily for 4 days and nights straight and the eye of the typhoon was due to hit Hue 24-48hrs after we were to depart. To keep things safe, ALL flights in and out of Hue had been cancalled, so we had to drive 3 hrs south to De Nang airport to get the last flight out back to Saigon!

There were many highlights of the trip, the kids following my lead and paying their respects at the temples, the kids being swamped by the Vietnamese school kids, seeing the orphanage and meeting the amazing people in the markets of Hoi An. I think I could easily live in Hoi An, it was no where near as hot and the people there were amazingly friendly and humble.

Here is a video of one of our fellow teachers being mobbed!

And the one below is from Hue. The locals were moving things around all morning, chairs, tables and trees! They asked us how long we were staying and when we told them that we were flying out that day they said, “No, no, you stay two more days and see the flood!” They knew the flood was coming and and everything was getting moved to higher ground – including the trees!

So now I am back home and there is a heck of a lot to do before work starts again.Vern and his little helper finished the back fencing while I was away and also started the kids play area. What better way to say thank-you than to crash into it with the tractor and destroy the gate! 1 hour later and you would never know! (All fixed now Vern!!!!)

I noticed that Ella’s udder and teats had swollen and we were worried that she was getting mastitis. All four teats were huge and they were darkening up. We don’t have a cattle crush so I decided to make a holding pen the size of a crush, to hold her in and inspect her. The trick now was to get her in there…. I left Vietnam after 4 days and nights of rain and came home to…..more rain – and hail – and moving Ella in the rain was not fun. Dad, Hayley, Ava-Li and Lightning all helped. We got her up there, but she and the other cows decided they wanted to bust out! The idea was good, but the run needs to be much bigger and the holding yard needs to be finished properly… more work to do…. At least her teats are looking lots better now, 3 out of the 4 are back to normal, with one slowly getting smaller, hopefully she will be ok!

Our apple trees are in bloom – that’s right, in bloom! This is their first year in the ground and they are flowering already! We should get a handful of fruit off most of the trees this year and then heaps next year! But for now, they need to be re-mulched.

There is still a slight risk of frost, but we need to get our vegie stock in. The greenhouse seeds are coming up well, but the corn seeds we plated a couple of weeks ago look like they have stalled, so I will get some more going in the greenhouse ready for the end of the week (hopefully).

Our first hatch of croads are growing up fast and will be put out with the rest of them by the end of the week. They are looking like little vultures! The gates for the chicken area need to be made and hung and the last remaining fencing of the chicken area finished.

Slashing and more mulching and the kitchen garden area needs an overhaul before the weather starts to warm up…

The list keeps growing…


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