Enjoying Life

I have been home for a little over a week and lots of things have been ticked off the ‘to do list’. The orchard has been slashed and mulched, garden bed weeded and prepared for the next batch of vegetables, lawns mowed, herb beds mulched, a bit of brush cutting done (still more to go, but ran out of line), more seeds plated out in the greenhouse, seedlings out in the market garden, mulched and weeded the potatoes and collected 13 bales of oat hay that has been rain affected for $1.50 each! The plan is to use this as mulch – the bales already sprouted and then died back, and are decomposing, so perfect for mulch – and as the paddocks they came from only had lime and rock dust as inputs, the minerals will make their way from the hay to our farm! The rock dust is literally that, crushed rock minerals, spread out over the paddocks to re-mineralise the soil and unlock the minerals already in the soil. We have as much of the stuff as we want and at this stage, will be picking up about 100 (or more) in the coming few days – this is where I need a truck with a flat bed….hmmm, I wonder…..


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